The study aimed to identify the preferences of the parents and the senior high school students in private colleges and universities. On the basis of these
preferences, House of Quality (HOQ) was then applied to capture the whole picture of the organization relative to the needs of its customers and its strengths and
weakness to its competitor. Forty Eight (48) respondents from senior high school students and twelve (12) respondents from the parents of the senior high school
students have been asked to accomplish a 21-item survey questionnaire about their requirements in choosing a college/university. The results of this is a prioritize
criteria list of six elements namely; Curriculum, Quality of Instruction, Security and Safety, Achievement of School, Technological Advancement, Cost of Education.
Considering these criteria, a customer satisfaction survey was developed and was given to thirty-four (34) randomly selected senior college students from
University/College X and two focus groups from University/College Y and Z were then asked to fill out the customer satisfaction survey. The data obtainedwere
then transferred to one of the tools in Quality Function Deployment that is the House of Quality. Thisresulted to competitive-assessment of University/College X.
The House of Quality revealed that the percentage passer in board examination is the most critical factor in translating the desirable criteria of the respondents in
choosing a University/College. It was followed by the faculty qualification tied with the achievement of the students. Third critical factor is upgraded instructional
facilities. On the other hand, Competitive Advantageof the University/College X was also revealed where the cost of education is its current strength. Inthe end,
recommendations were made for service development of University/College X relative to the needs of itsincoming customers and current customers.
competitive advantage, cost of education, house of quality, quality function deployment.
ustomers nowadays, seek more requirements to the product or service being rendered by the business industry. They want more value to the trade-off
like money and time they’ve given in exchange to the service or finished goods they’ve purchased. Education is one of the biggest budgets that parents
allocate in their resources. No doubt parents wouldlike to give the best to their children within their means. Education also is the stepping-stone in the
achievement of the parents’ dream for their children and also to the child’s own goal. However, free education is limited in our country because of lack of public
schools and universities within the different regions. That’s why parents would stretch their means and ways just so their children will be given their right to
education. There are private schools and universities that they might go to in order to finish their studies and consequently, achieved their desired goals.