Environmental and water resources management



The management of water The paper is based on a review of regional
sector investments, the World Bank is environment strategies (prepared for the
preparing a Water Resources Sector Environment Strategy), on a review of the water
Strategy, and to enhance the main-streaming of sector portfolio and country focus studies (done
the environment in Bank investments, the Bank for the Water Resources Sector Strategy), and
is preparing an Environment Strategy. This on consultations with other sector boards and
background paper is the Environment Depart- Bank staff.
ment’s contribution to both these efforts. It
focuses on the environmental sustainability of Chapter 1 outlines water-environment and
water-related investments and policies sup- poverty linkages. It identifies the six dimensions
ported by the Bank and evaluates how effec- of poverty and how environment and water
tively the Bank is integrating environmental management are related to each other. It also
quality objectives in water resources planning presents a possible set of sustainable outcomes
and management. for the water sector. Chapter 2 addresses
emerging global trends related to water and
A second objective of this paper is to review environmental management. Chapter 3 summa-
the World Bank’s efforts to mainstream the rizes lessons from Bank experience. Chapter 4
environment in its lending and non-lending presents the implications for the Bank in terms
water resources activities and operations, and of a strategic framework for action, and Chapter
to draw lessons for enhancing the environmen- 5 considers how to support implementation of
tal sustainability of water sector investments. the strategic framework

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