Complete Investment System

Original price was: ₦200.000,00.Current price is: ₦150.000,00.


Advanced investment platform that works efficiently with all devices. This is a well-architect, powerful, secure, well-optimized, and SEO Friendly web application that comes to satisfy all investment platform owner need.


DEMO 2        User:            Password:1234



  • [ADD] Dynamic holiday system
  • [ADD] Dynamic promotional material system
  • [ADD] Cashmaal automated payment gateway
  • [ADD] Notification on admin dashboard
  • [ADD] Email log for each user from the admin panel
  • [ADD] Dynamic SMS system added with few providers
  • [ADD] GDPR cookie alert added with admin setting
  • [ADD] Admin can add custom CSS from the admin panel
  • [ADD] Admin can clear cache from the admin panel
  • [ADD] System information can be seen from the admin panel
  • [ADD] Admin can see user with deposit wallet balance
  • [ADD] Admin can see user with interest wallet balance
  • [ADD] Provision of API for mobile app (Mobile apps coming soon)
  • [FIX] SMTP email sending issue
  • [FIX] Balance transfer details username issue
  • [FIX] Copy referral link from user dashboard
  • [FIX] Responsive table title on my referral
  • [FIX] PHP email reply to issue
  • [FIX] Test email send vis SMTP
  • [FIX] Transaction section header on both template
  • [FIX] Few responsive design issue
  • [FIX] Few spelling issue
  • [PATCH] Admin dashboard is more informative now
  • [PATCH] Admin panel reports/logs are in better view
  • [PATCH] Investment plan creation with better validation
  • [PATCH] Registration page is more user friendly now
  • [PATCH] Latest Laravel security patch
  • [PATCH] System migrated to Laravel 8