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Possible Reasons Deployment Page Disappeared On Nasims Portal

Possible Reasons Deployment Page Disappeared On Nasims Portal

So we woke up on Saturday the 17th of September 2022 with the news of the deployment page’s disappearance on the Nasims portal so we decided to create this post to tell you the Possible Reasons the Deployment Page Disappeared On Nasims Portal. So read on!

Recall that Npower management announced a week ago that the posting process of Npower batch C stream 2 beneficiaries is manually been conducted by the state focal person. If you missed the update read it here FP Are Responsible For Npower Batch C Stream 2 Posting – Nasims Reveal

The deployment page disappearance might have something to do with that. It might be hidden to enable the Nasims technical team to update the posting of the batch C stream 2 beneficiaries without interference.

Aside from the payroll page, the deployment page on the Nasims portal usually gets the most traffic on the Nasims portal because of the stream 2 beneficiaries who are always checking for their deployment update.

The deployment page is a section of the Nasims portal where the following activities are carried out:

1) Place of Primary Assignment PPA record is updated

2) It is also where beneficiaries can apply for redeployment

3) The deployment page is also where deployed beneficiaries can download and print deployment letters.

4) It is also the page where the acceptance letter is uploaded by beneficiaries

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So if you login to the Nasims portal and discovered that your deployment page has disappeared, you don’t need to panic. It simply means the Npower management team is working on some new for the Beneficiaries. Probably the deployment page is undergoing maintenance for a possible new update.

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